Primary Care Program

In many resource-poor countries, healthcare services are unavailable or non-affordable. Bridge of Life (BOL)’s Primary Care Program responds to local health needs in communities around the world. By partnering with local clinics, hospitals and other organizations, BOL provides a variety of primary care services to underserved communities through its teams of medical professionals and non-clinical volunteers as well as local partner staff.

BOL’s primary care missions focus on providing access to medical care in rural areas where healthcare is non-accessible. BOL medical professional volunteers provide general healthcare services to individuals in these rural settings, such as vitals, labs, consultations, vaccinations, and more. Healthcare services are focused on the specific needs of each community and usually center on women’s health, pediatrics, general health, screenings, and prevention.

For more information on BOL’s Primary Care Program, please contact or click on the boxes below. To view upcoming primary care missions, visit the Calendar.