Responding to COVID-19

Covid 19

In August 2020, Bridge of Life (BOL) led educational activities with 44 participating community health workers (CHWs), focusing on COVID-19 prevention and chronic disease prevention and treatment and its relation to COVID-19. Thanks to BOL, we were able to purchase medicine and personal protection equipment for the CHWs and patients and obtain 80 portable touchless handwashing stations to deliver to clinics, meeting points and community members who lacked or had limited access to a water source.

Dino Maccari, Etta Projects (Bridge of Life’s partner in Bolivia)

Dear Bridge of Life Supporters:

In 2021, Bridge of Life (BOL) is still hard at work supporting our partners in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Our international medical missions and in-person kids’ camps remain temporarily suspended, as the safety of our volunteers and the people we serve is still our priority. But in the interim, we’ve adapted our programs to work with our partners remotely and virtually.

With your support in 2021, BOL’s goals are to:
  • Provide lifesaving dialysis treatment by establishing and supporting our partner clinics
  • Pilot our first kidney transplant program in Jamaica
  • Slow the progression of chronic diseases that lead to end-stage renal disease by empowering health workers to support, treat and educate high-risk patients
  • Lower the incidence of kidney disease by early detection through screenings
  • Increase the capacity of clinicians through comprehensive virtual training
  • Prevent the spread of COVID-19 through personal protection equipment distribution and health training

We are humbled by and grateful for all our supporters who make our work possible. Each of YOU play a vital role in serving the people we impact. Your compassion and generosity are helping to create a healthier world for us all! We hope you’ll consider a gift to help us keep our kidney care and chronic disease prevention programs and COVID-19 prevention efforts moving forward.

Thank you for your continual support! We will keep you updated on our outreach and impact. Sincerely,

Lori Vaclavik Executive Director Bridge of Life