Kids’ Camps Volunteers

*Only DaVita teammates are currently eligible to volunteer with Bridge of Life (BOL). Volunteers participating in kids’ camps sessions may need to complete a separate application with the camp in addition to BOL’s regular application, so early applications are encouraged.

Every BOL medical mission is led by volunteers who are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about strengthening healthcare around the world.

Volunteers for BOL’s kids’ camps sessions usually include the following roles:

  • Cabin counselors
  • Kitchen volunteers
  • Photographers

BOL’s volunteer selection process is based upon the needs of each specific camp session. Below is list of FAQs specific to the kids’ camps program. Please see the Volunteer page for additional volunteer information and FAQs.

FAQs on Volunteering for the Kids’ Camps Program through BOL

1.Is lodging and food included?

Yes, all volunteers will receive food and lodging from the camp. Camp counselors will bunk with the campers (usually 6-8 campers per cabin), and medical volunteers will stay in volunteer cabins. Most camps cannot accommodate individual cabins. Volunteers will receive meals from the camp dining facility.

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2.Do I have to use my PTO?

Yes, all DaVita teammates will need to use PTO during their volunteer time at the camp.

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3.What expenses does BOL cover?

  • If you drive to camp, BOL will reimburse you for the travel mileage to and from camp. BOL will not pay for a rental car.
  • If you fly to camp, BOL will purchase your airline ticket and reimburse you for ground transportation (camp shuttle) to and from the destination airport and the camp. BOL will not pay for your airport parking, airport travel mileage or rental car. If you are flying to camp, and a hotel is required, BOL will cover the cost of your accommodations.
  • BOL will reimburse your immunization expenses up to $300 per teammate. You can choose to pay for any shots on your own and then turn in your receipt for reimbursement OR cover these expenses on your own as a donation to BOL. You can also apply to DVN to assist with vaccination costs.
  • BOL will reimburse you for any fingerprinting or expenses associated with criminal history reports.
  • BOL will pay for a medical license if the camp charges you for this expense (the camp may choose to cover the cost of a temporary license).

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4.Are volunteers expected to fundraise to support camp session expenses?

Costs to participate in a kids’ camps session as a volunteer are:

  • $250 for volunteers who drive to camp
  • $500 for volunteers who fly to camp

One way to meet these costs is to fundraise. BOL will provide fundraising set-up instructions for each camp as well as tips and tools to make fundraising easier (contact for more information). Participants can also opt to make their own personal donation to cover these costs via check or an online payment. Please note:  volunteers who do not meet their fundraising goal will not be able to participate in future BOL missions or camp sessions; and volunteers who choose to submit an expense report will not receive reimbursement for any costs if they do not meet their fundraising goal.

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5.Can a family member participate in a camp session with me?

Family members will have to apply independently to camps by visiting the camp’s website. The minimum age to volunteer at most camps is 18 (at some camps, the minimum age is 19). BOL cannot support the expenses of family members. If you are flying to camp and volunteering with a family member, please let BOL know, and we will work to coordinate you and your family member’s travel itineraries.

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