Learn how the Bridge of Life team is working tirelessly to ensure we are
supporting our partners at this crucial point in the fight against COVID-19.

Learn how Bridge of Life is supporting our partners in the fight against COVID-19.

Combating COVID-19

Bridge of Life's Response

Haiti is not ready for this. We were already vulnerable before the outbreak and we’re even more so now. I am seeing patients every day, but our clinic isn’t fully equipped to handle the cases that might turn severe. Our challenge is greater than it already was. I am doing much with the little we have and praying this doesn’t get out of control.
Dr. Peter Pierrot, Double Harvest
(Bridge of Life’s partner in Haiti regarding COVID-19)

Dear Bridge of Life Supporters:

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. At Bridge of Life (BOL), we are adapting daily as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. The safety of our volunteers and the people we serve is a primary focus. Therefore, we have temporarily suspended our international medical missions and kids’ camps, but our team is still hard at work supporting our partners to combat COVID-19.

COVID-19 does not respect borders and will have a devastating impact on the most vulnerable people in countries that have weak health systems and are less prepared to combat the disease.

The BOL team is working tirelessly to ensure we are supporting our partners at this crucial point in the fight against COVID-19.

We are committed to:

  • Educating dialysis partners and patients on infection control in clinics and how to respond to confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • Protecting rural communities by offering lifesaving health and hygiene training to community health workers via telehealth
  • Offering remote technical and clinical support to our dialysis partners who are treating 1,000 patients around the globe
  • Continuing to support medication distribution to high-risk patients with chronic disease via our community health worker program
  • Identifying and quantifying medical supply needs with all BOL partners

We are reminded daily of our collective resilience, generosity and kindness. We know this is a difficult time for many people and that the future is uncertain. But what is certain is that people on the front lines around the world need our support. Please consider joining BOL in our effort to combat and prevent COVID-19 with a gift.

We are grateful for your continual support and will keep you updated on our outreach and impact.


Lori Vaclavik
Executive Director
Bridge of Life