Cellular Recycler

How It Works

Cell phone recycling is easy – all you have to do is ask customers to recycle their old phones when they upgrade.

  • Ask friends and family if they have any old cell phones they would like to recycle.

    Cellular recycling is an easy, secure and environmentally safe way to get rid of their old phone.

  • Once the collection receptacle is full, empty the phones into a sturdy cardboard box for shipping.

    Remember to tape the box well as phones are usually quite heavy during shipping. Keep the Cellular Recycler receptacle on hand to continue collecting phones at the store.

  • Return to this web site to print a free, pre-paid UPS label. Then set out the box for UPS pick-up.

    If you have a regularly scheduled UPS pick-up, place the sealed box of phones with your outgoing packages. Or call 1-800-PICK-UPS to schedule a pick-up.