Bridge of Life (BOL) improves access to primary care and dialysis treatment in underserved communities around the world while also focusing on prevention of kidney disease through early-detection testing and education.

BOL serves thousands of men, women and children through four main programs:

  • Kidney Care
    • Provides the equipment, start-up supplies and extensive training to empower clinical personnel to provide kidney care services in underserved communities around the world
  • Primary Care
    • Identifies health needs and connects local organizations and clinics to a diverse network of physicians and medical workers, improving primary healthcare across a broad range of services in underserved parts of the world
  • Prevention & Education
    • Provides basic health education and awareness in conjunction with rapid disease screenings in non-medical settings
  • Kids’ Camps
    • Provides kids’ medical camps with nurses, general practitioners, specialists, and non-clinical volunteers across a broad range of services as well as distribution of dialysis equipment and consumable supplies to children with kidney disease

To learn more about each of BOL’s programs, please click on the boxes below or contact for more information.